Sunday, October 31, 2010

Once upon a time...

One day, back when my daughter was in 2nd grade, she brought home from school a piece of paper that changed our lives...cheerleading sign ups for the next season of flag football. Sure, I said, how cute! And it was. However, it soon became clear that this little girl had found her passion. With the best coach, who wanted the best uniforms and best routines, she excelled in cheerleading. So about halfway through her second year of cheerleading at her elementary school, we decided to expand her skills, and we signed her up for tumbling classes at the gym where her cheer coach at school was manager. She took a total of two classes, when my phone rang. It was her coach, there was an opening on their all-star team, and she wanted my daughter. We said we'd come check it out, honestly I never thought my husband would ever agree to competitive cheerleading. She loved it of course, and did so good that first day, the head coach gave her 2 stars before I had even signed her up!! It's hard enough to tell her no, but I was no match for the head coach extraordinaire! What a season we had that first year! Everything I could have wanted in a gym, a coach, my daughter and her team, we had it. To this day I can't think of anything we lacked at that gym. We immediately signed up for a second season, then a few months later, to our shock and grief, the announcement was made that the gym was closing. Of course, there's other gyms in the area, some of the girls went to one, and sadly, some quit altogether. We checked out every gym within a reasonable driving distance, and found one as close to what we had before as possible. My daughter is now on her second season at this new gym, and while we still miss our first home, she's happy. We still get to work with the guys from ECA occasionally, and my daughter has learned so much. And me, I've driven more miles, written more checks, screamed and yelled and clapped and cried much more than I ever thought I would for cheerleading. I've been a taxi, seamstress, even a back spot. I am no longer afraid of scorpions, because they no longer remind me of a creepy crawly in my bathroom, but of my baby girl in Panama City, FL. And the best part is, I'm not alone!


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